HAVAYA, founded in 2019, designs beautiful interiors for busy people. We also rent and operate curated vacation homes upstate NY. We focus on creativity, efficiency and lovely experience so you get the space you absolutely love with minimum hassle.  


Hava Kelman is the founder of HAVAYA. Born and raised in Israel, she moved to NYC in 2003 and has been living here since with her husband and two daughters. 

HAVAYA means 'being' in Hebrew which is the true source of happiness. In todays world, where everyone is busy and always 'doing', coming home to your special place and just 'being'.

In 2010, Hava and her husband bought their first vacation home in Woodstock NY and fell in love with the natural beauty and ambiance of the Catskills. 


Guided by her passion for design and beauty, Hava renovated the place to be a true oasis. She has since bought, renovated and designed a few other properties for her friends and clients

Hava loves creating special spaces for people to enable their 'being', and flow.

Previously Hava held several tech executive roles in product, business development and operations. Hava holds a BA and MBA from the Inter Disciplinary Center in Israel and is currently completing her Interior Design education at the Parsons School of Design in NY.