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HAVAYA is the creation of entrepreneur, business strategist, mom, and designer Hava Kelman.


Defined by its spirit, Havaya, which means “to be” in Hebrew is the creative ethos behind each home design, rental renovation, upstate development, and getaway experience.

From concept to completion, Havaya brings a holistic human-centered approach to designing, developing, and managing creative and impowering homes both in NYC and Upstate.


Balancing functionality with character, each project is approached with your lifestyle in mind. Sourcing inspiration from the surrounding environment, HAVAYA strives for a collective. Supporting local artists, craftsman, and vendors, spaces are designed with support from your community. Incorporating unique vintage pieces, layered textures, bold colors and patterns, your house is transformed into a home. A home where you are empowered 'to be'.


Born and raised in Israel, Hava currently lives in NYC with her husband and two teenage daughters. Prior to finding her true north, she held several tech executive roles in product and business development. She loves discovering butterflies, wandering around the Whitney museum and escaping to her weekend home in Woodstock.

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