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So happy to share a glimpse into Project

I hired Hava to renovate and manage a rental property we own in the Catskills Woodstock area.
She arrived with a very specific vision for the property and delivered on it completely.

Our rentals and inquiries have increased tremendously after she was finished.
I found her to be very professional and easy to work with. Equally important, her rates were reasonable and she delivered the project in record time (2 weeks).

She also paid strict attention to our budget and used our money wisely on well priced items from an array of vendors.
I would recommend her highly and would definitely work with her again!


Hava has renovated few rooms in our downtown NYC apartment. 
The whole experience of working with her, from planning to installation, has been just great, above and beyond my expectations.
I have no talent nor patience for renovations and for a while I postponed a very well needed change. 
Hava brought to the process great taste, professionalism, respect to budget, creative solutions, responsibility and calm.

She made the effort to get to know my daughters and their needs, their taste, and created beautiful, unique environments that reflect their personalities and needs. 
We couldn’t be more happy.

Thank you!


In love with our new home 💞

Thank you Hava for everything!

We had an incredible experience working with you.

A true professional that you can fully rely on throughout the entire process (and of course amazing designer with an eye for details). You made our move so effortless and smooth.

You listened to our needs and really put your soul into it.

Highly recommended 🙌


"There is no point designing this space. The apartment is too small” I told you. “No, I don’t want to invest too much money in my rental apartment so how can you make this space looks better” or “no! I don’t know if we will stay here for a long period of time (meanwhile 6 years already!) so why buying new furniture” and so on. So many excuses and reasons not to take care of the most important thing, our home. 
Hava, thank you for showing me I was wrong. Thank you for making this happen in the most fun and pleasant way I could have ever imagine. 
Thank you not only for designing, shopping, getting rid of, assembling, painting, and cleaning, but also for creating a place we happily call home. Your style, creativity, passion, and patience, those colorful (and black&white :-)) butterflies of yours are all now peacefully flying in our home making it a daily HAVAYA for us. Love you"


"Working with Hava made all the difference in the world. We hadn’t really renovated the girls’ room in 15 years, and the idea of it was overwhelming. We were daunted by the task ahead. Hava was so insightful and helpful throughout the whole process, especially dealing with two emotional, invested and opinionated girls of different ages (15 and 10) with very different styles. Hava blended them beautifully. She managed to deliver on my need for functionality and storage, my 15 year old’s desire for a more sophisticated room reflecting her more mature style, and my 10-year old”s pink princess look. Not an easy task! She managed to create separate spaces that are still cohesive and elegant. The big work and items made a stunning impact, but the small design touches really took it over the top. Although my task of decluttering was monumental and time-consuming, once the room was prepped, the painting and installation went smoothly and quickly. We are delighted with the outcome and highly recommend Hava for any of your design and renovation projects!"


"Hava came to California few days after we landed, having moved over from London. She knows our family well and we love her dearly, so it was only natural for her to show up and insert her magic dust upon our new home.

We spent few days researching and designing the space and then few days in San Francisco viewing design shops. It was absolutely amazing and really fun! Hava is well versed in the most advanced design companies and was quick to sift through the options and find the perfect combination of our needs, the house style and within budget options. We were keen to order everything quickly and get the house up and running as soon as we could and...mission accomplished! Hava is a true asset to anyone looking to design their space in an authentic and exciting way, could not recommend her enough!"


" Just wanted to send a big Thank You for doing a phenomenal job designing my apartment. 

The whole experience was fabulous, start to finish.   Your whole process was professional, efficient, simple and the end result was simply beautiful. 

I am truly enjoying the tranquil space and beautiful colors"



"Working with Hava has been amazing.

My business partner and I came to Hava with a budget and a deadline. We had to be operational in 15 days. She was able to work with our unique constraints and amaze us with the finished product.

Our space looks unique, our clients love it. It sets us apart from other practices! people are constantly stopping in because of her design suggestion to use lego blocks instead of walls.  

All of the work was done on time and on budget which was also very important to us.

Hava definitely has a gift of reading your mind and your space and coming up with something truly magical. 

We highly recommend her!"


Hava has a great sense of style, and I love how she organized a very big design project (multiple rooms) into a complete and finished “refresh” and “redesign” in just three weeks.

She has great attention to detail, but she does not lose sight of the big picture. We are very happy with HAVAYA!

photo sep 02, 2 18 15 pm.jpg

Hava helped us tremendously with our family relocation adventure! 
We relocated to Boston and needed a local help with everything from designing, sourcing furniture, ordering, monitoring trade work and making sure that the house is ready for our arrival. 
This was a big project - we are a family of four with different needs, the house is huge with over 7,000sf and has many spaces and the timeline was tight. 
Have helped us understand our needs, presented several options and facilitated all the orders, deliveries and assembly of all the items, we arrived to a well designed house. 

The result is beautiful and we all have spaces that we absolutely love! we can now relax and put our energy into adjusting to to completely new country. 
Project was smooth, well organized, on time and below the budget. 

Hava, we enjoyed working with you on this project and really appreciate your help, thank you!!


I highly recommend Hava!

She designed our 3 bedrooms apartment and it came out beautiful!

After a very long, stressful renovation, I really needed some design inspiration and guidance.

I had a few design ideas in mind and already had some furniture pieces and accessories, but the space looked incomplete and I couldn’t bring my vision to life by myself.

I wanted our home to be fun and colorful with a warm and welcoming feel, but still keep a modern, clean look.

Before we started the process we had one very specific request; it was important to us as a vegan family to choose cruelty-free materials and find alternatives which do not contain any animal byproducts - that means no animal skins, leather, down, feathers, fur, silk or wool.

Hava was very attentive, she listened to our concerns through every step of the project, and was able to source beautiful items that answered to our needs.

She is very efficient, easy to communicate and pleasant to work with.

The final design is a beautiful space that reflects our style and I’m very happy with the result,

thank you so much Hava for being on top of everything!

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