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HAVAYA designs beautiful interiors for busy people. We also rent beautiful vacation homes upstate NY.

We focus on creativity and efficiency so you get the space you absolutely love with minimum hassle.  


Our clients are busy individual, business owners and real estate investors. They all expect high quality creative design as well as effective and fast service.


  • Meet and greet: I tell you my story, you tell me yours.

  • Consultation meeting: space walkthrough, style and budget discussion, high level vision for the space, Q&A.

  • Agreement: we sign a contract so you have 100% visibility into the process.

  • Trade day: we take on-site measurements, photos of the space (or you provide it)

  • Execution of floorpans, elevations, furniture and decor sourcing.

  • Presentation meeting: estimates, decision on furnitures and materials.

  • Placement of orders: sourcing and purchasing materials, furniture and decor.

  • Installation of construction and renovation: demolition and materials installment.

  • Furniture and decor installation and styling

  • Client reveal: we open the door and invite you in!

  • Deficiencies: walk through and resolving deficiencies 

  • Client closure meeting: presentation and final invoices. Till we meet again!


Feel free to book directly with us and save the rental platforms fees or click on the Airbnb listings link.


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