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Having a vacation home in the country is the ideal way to balance your hectic life in the city. It gives you the opportunity to unplug, have a bigger space, connect with nature and enjoy the company of loved ones. The combination of spending time between a city apartment and a vacation home is a great way to break your weekend routine as well as an alternative to moving to the suburbs.

However, having a vacation home can also be very stressful. Property operation is time consuming as there are endless tasks to do (gardening, snow plowing, mowing, garbage removal, pest control, cleaning), and then there are big unexpected things that may happen (plumbing and sceptic issues, falling trees falling, leaking roof etc). Add that to the costs associated with having a house (morgage, taxes, utilities, maintenance, fixes, unexpected repairs) and the 'guilt' of not spending enough time there, and you end up with a constant headache. 

SHERAWAY is the new way to enjoy all the benefits of a having a vacation home, without the hassle. We offer beautiful vacation homes that are affordable, smartly designed for sharing, and fully operated.  


  • Great vacation area: homes are around Woodstock, NY, a 2 hour drive from NYC and a year-round vacation spot.

  • Curated home: beautifuly designed and fully equipped. It is a home you will want to spend time in..

  • It is your home: this is not a resort or Airbnb experience.

  • Reasonable time commitment: We know you have other commitments and can't leave the city every weekend. We believe that going upstate every three weekends is a more reasonable commitment.

  • Shared home model: Every home is shared between 3 families or groups and all weekends and holidays are divided equally. On average, every family gets 12 weekends, 3 long holiday weekends and 3 full weeks of summer a year.

  • All inclusive monthly price: monthly fee includes all costs including utilities taxes and maintenance. No surprises.

  • Fully operated: We take care of everything, including managing the property and cleaning after each stay.

  • Private storage: You can leave your private belongings so you do not need to pack every time. 

  • Try it before you commit: Come for a weekend and if you decide to move forward, we will deduct it from your lease.

  • Lease is for a year with an option to extend.

We are looking for friendly , easy going and respectful families or groups to join our shared homes. For more information and reservations please SAY HELLO.





4 BEDS / 2.5 BATH

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